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Sigatoka Negra
Black Leaf Streak Disease, Pests and Diseases of American Samoa Number 10, American Samoa Community College Community & Natural Resources Cooperative Research & Extension, 2004
Black Sigatoka An Increasing Thread to Banana Cultivation, Douglas H. Marín, Del Monte Fresh Produce; Ronald A. Romero, Chiquita Brands; Mauricio Guzmán, National Banana Corporation of Costa Rica; Turner B. Sutton, North Carolina State University, Raleigh


ImageFig. 1: Banana Leaf heavily affected by Mycosporella fijiensi
Black leaf streak (BLS), or “black Sigatoka”, is the most damaging leaf disease of bananas worldwide. Most areas of the tropics and subtropics are affected, with reported losses of 30-50%. The first account of BLS in the Pacific was 40 years ago in the Sigatoka Valley, Fiji. Most fungicide use in banana production is for control of BLS. The Cavendish-type ‘Williams’ banana, grown by most commercial growers, is very susceptible to the fungus that causes this disease. Infected plants have fewer leaves, which leads to fewer and smaller fruits, a delayed harvest, premature ripening, and lower quality fruit (Fig. 1).
Potential impact:Black sigatoka causes destruction of banana leaf tissue, which affects the photosynthetic capabilities of the plant and can reduce yields by up to 50%. Black sigatoka is one of the main factors responsible for the decline in banana export industries in South Pacific nations. Commercial plantations producing bananas for export have to maintain a costly fungicide spray program to control Black sigatoka, and have been criticized on the grounds of environmental and human health considerations. However, if not controlled, fruit produced on diseased plants can ripen prematurely during shipment and cause further losses. The ravages of the disease were controlled by chemical sprays in subsequent years (15-17 fungicide applications) but this considerably increased the cost of production.

Esta noticia ha sido publicada el sábado 13 agosto, 2011.
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